Today I did a good deed.

Today I did a good deed.

I gave a lift to someone that it would have been easier to avoid. It’s no big deal I know but after dropping the person off I felt pretty good about myself.

I imagined my son, Connor, congratulating me – it’s the sort of thing he would have done without thinking. A minute or so later I also stopped in the road to let someone cross (the weather wasn’t that good), it’s something as a driver I try to do a lot – flashing drivers to pull out in front of me if the road is busy, that sort of thing.

And again I imagined Connor saying:

“You’re a good man Dad”

And I allowed myself to respond “Yeah, I am aren’t I”

I do try to think of others at least.

I then continued my imaginary conversation by adding:

“The trouble is I share my head with someone who isn’t so good”

By which I meant that I’m aware sometimes (often) that I’m not being so noble, but continue anyway. Almost as if there is a lesser, darker more jealous side of me who shares or even has majority control over what surfaces from Roger Tandy.

My imaginary retort from Connor was quick as a flash:

“Maybe he’s not bad – maybe he’s just scared – afraid”

It instantly lifted me an I could see the truth in it.

What I’m able to do with that I can’t say – but I’m very grateful for the insight.

I Know this applies to most people too. I hope you can see the truth in it.


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