Think you’re separate?

It’s natural to think you are separate from everything and everybody. You may need to think again. Foe example, if you think your body is separate from the air around it or the seat you are sat on then you may need to look a little deeper. Try this, (you can’t actually, unless you have access to some seriously expensive kit) – but try thinking about it.

Hold your hand up and look closely at the edge where you hand meets the air. There’s a difference right? hand, air – no-brainer.

Now imagine getting a magnifying glass – you might actually have one to hand – and looking more closely. You would see the dimples on your skin and maybe the follicles with fine hair growing out – but it’s still separate from the air, yes?

Then take a microscope and look again – this is where you might have to start using your imagination. You see even more detail. If your imaginary microscope is powerful enough you might see the cells that make up your skin. but again they are still separate from the surroundings. Thanks to the internet you could look for and find images of this.

Okay, let’s go further, imagine now taking an electron microscope that a scientist would use (this is where it gets expensive by the way) and looking into the molecules that make up the cells – molecules are groups of atoms, you may see two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom forming a water molecule in a cell membrane. Fascinating, but still separate.

Go deeper still and look at the atoms that make up the molecules, and deeper into the atoms themselves, into the nucleus to see the quarks and be amazed to find that actually… there is almost nothing there! look at the outer-most atom of you that is touching the outermost atom of the air, or of the chair you are sitting on, look how they are both 99.99999999999999% nothingness – you can’t differentiate one from the other. In-fact some sceintists believe it’s possible there may be no solid matter at all – now you can’t see the edge of you – there isn’t one – sure, if you’re finicky you could say the atoms are different one has more protons and electrons, more quarks but in-fact they are just slightly denser chunks of nothingness.

This isn’t just my idea by the way, this is stuff science can prove and validate. At these scales – this close in you realise that you are simply an eddy in a stream, a knot in a tree, a spot on a giraffe, a mind in everything.

You are all.

You are special.

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