Look inside

Recall your experiences when you have conflict of belief.

In these modern days science has almost become the new religion. It will tell you that there is no God. That there is no you beyond what is in your brain. That any spiritual belief or pursuit is merely fantasy. They will tell you that when your body dies so do you. They will say that if you believe that you have, at some point in your life a spiritual experience that convinced you of a greater power, you are wrong, that there is nothing other than what science can confirm, that it is just some anomaly in your brain chemicals.

Religion, for all of it’s good – and not so good, will tell you the that the opposite is true, but with conditions, albeit well intentioned and in most cases designed for the betterment of those who follow any one of it’s flavours. You will be rewarded if  you follow a set of conditions. The problem is that a very large amount of ordinary people don’t or can’t live under those terms. Ordinary, good (and not so good) people who simply can’t find a way of positioning authoritarianism with a loving God. If we are indeed this God’s children why would he or she set conditions on those he or she created? Most loving parents wouldn’t do it of their own offspring, we might have high expectations but we wouldn’t fail to reward them or love them less if they failed to turn out as we wanted.

All of this this might put you in an awkward place. Science says that you cant, practically be spiritual, that there is no point! And religion says that, if you can’t live by the rules, you are equally shut out.

But let’s not forget that the rules of science, and the rules of God…  …were written by man, in Gods case passed down to man, humans beings. and passed on, and on, and on again. In the case of science, it’s the words of any number of scientist, each with his or her own interpretations thrown in.

So the words of both science and God are open to – translation issues.

Your experiences however are not, so look to those to verify what science and religion tell you. look to your truths, believe in them, for they are the only things that are truly yours. Question them, and if you feel comfortable that they are right they will be, however, if you have even the slightest doubt that your ego is influencing them then they probably aren’t.

You should believe what you truly believe in your core.

And you will be right!