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I kind of gave up on this and have just seen the comments – the first I’ve had.

I will try to reply to all in the coming days – in the meantime

Sadly I had 1300 fraudulent comments so I’ve had to delete all comments even your honest ones.Read the rest

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
I thank You.


I am, the I
I come forth from the void, into light.
I am the breath that nurtures life.
I am that emptiness, thaat hollowness beyond all consciousness.
The I, theeyd, the All.… Read the rest

Recall your experiences when you have a conflict of belief.

In these modern days science has almost become the new religion. It will tell you that there is no God. That there is no you beyond the chemical and electrical processes going on in your brain.… Read the rest

Today I did a good deed.

I gave a lift to someone that it would have been easier to avoid. It’s no big deal I know but after dropping the person off I felt pretty good about myself.

I imagined my son, Connor, congratulating me – it’s the sort of thing he would have done without thinking.… Read the rest