Apologising for myself.

Chris Froome, a fellow Brit has just won the dauphine and I was rooting for the other guy. Froome is a nice,  guy, but I can’t find it in myself to root for him. Maybe it’s because he is  not a born and bred Englishman, but I don’t think so as I was hoping for an American to win! Maybe its because I usually go for the underdog and don’t like dominance in any form or maybe it’s because I believe he has an issue with with Bradley Wiggins who, apologies, is a more likeable character. Whatever, I feel wrong for taking this view, I feel petty, disrespectful, small-minded. But why? It does not and cannot change the result of the race, nor does it change how Chris Froome feels after his efforts – he niether knows nor cares about me (I guess the former dictates the latter). The only affected party is me! The only person who can suffer is me – so why? Either my role in life is to watch and suffer and accept the demons that ultimately are in my own head or reject them and accept I’m not only human and fallible but that I am just that! … And so are you.

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