Old Man River

Life is for the young. At least thats how it seems when one is one’s fifties and looking for a new job or something different. And rightly so, the young have needs too and talent, but not experience – and they can be bought cheeply. But surely, if it’s approached right, the older person, with as much knowledge and vastly more experience, should have just as much ability to find work and help nurture his or her juniors. Neil Donald Walsch makes a good point (or God does) in regard to young people bringing up children when they are litle more than children themselves….
To witness a 55 year old guy who has worked for 20 years at the company I’m not temping and is being made redundant in three months time talking to his mate about how the company will give him time off to attend a class on Interview techniques is, quite frankly, so very sad. To have all this experience and yet be made to jump through hoops in an interview is ridiculous – as are some of the questions put to you on a job application form. As Douglas Adams would have it, we do appear to be descended from the useless third of the population of Golgafrincham.

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