How to in the lottery!

Have you ever asked why life seems so unfair? Why some seem to breeze through it while you seem to be constantly struggling? The ones that seem to have everything may not even be what you would call good people – does life reward people on a random basis. Take me, my names Roger and I’ve worked and worked hard from being 17 years old… Lucky you may say, but for all that I’m broke and my future looks bleak. A lot of it I take full responsibility for, but we all see and hear of people who seem to throw two fingers up to ethics and morals, who abuse “the system” and don’t have a care in the world and the world seems to look after them like an errant child. I’ve had what I would describe as a difficult journey so far, life has been unkind to me – in my view – and my view is an important point which we’ll come to later.
In my journey I’ve tried to cope by learning and trying to understand life, trying to figure it out, I’m still trying. Some of the thing I’ve learned have helped and I’d like to relate them and hope that they can help you. It’ll be like a Pick ’n’ Mix for you to dip into and take what works for you. It should appeal to most because I won’t be allying to any particular camp Religion, Science, Psychology, Spirituality each of which are mutually exclusive if you buy into them. instead I’ll try to show how they work together. I can’t adviser whatever technique or belief any on person should take but I can relate everything I’ve come across both from external sources and from my own experiences. I think some of it will will strike a chord with you and when does it’s almost as if life is revealed in all it’s magnificence, even if it’s only for a brief moment, and to be honest it can and will be an extremely moving moment.

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