Double You


quick note: I had dream, Anna sneaked a bit of my pasty for herself. I was livid behaved like a spoilt brat. Accidentally-on purpose allowed kettle i was holding up so she could pass under, to drop and hit her on the head. Instantly felt awful, realised I was behaving badly, was ashamed but kept on – it must have hurt because underside of kettle has mouldings with edges. Anna did not complain. Asked me to get up on counter to plug her mobile into a connection she had made in the ceiling? I refused then woke up. I felt genuinely ashamaed, believe I would have acted like that in real life, believe dreams are the real us. Then, when saying my good mornings, to my Dad in tis case, I apologised for my behaviour in the dream and imagined (heard) his response which went along the lines that there is a double you. the one that is doing the stuff and the one that is watching and judging (or just watching) the latter can’t always affect the former (or maybe not ever) but can choose how it feels in relation to he other (good, bad, indifferent). This one is the real, deeper you. The other is there to set a framework for you. Both are you band both are vital. The fact that you realise, as things happen, in real time so to speak, and because I realised I was in the ‘wrong’ that’s what is important

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