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I just had an epiphany (I think). A moment which I almost missed while listening to something else. I realised that what I fear most at this moment in time, what keeps me awake and makes my heart pound eg losing everything material, my house etc is actually not the life ending thing I imagine.… Read the rest


The Sum

Everything has the same amount of potential – finite or infinite.

What you do with it is up to you. Take Time, Space and Mass. If you put equal amounts of the potential into each of these you will have some weight some speed and some passing of time.… Read the rest


Individual Matter

Not only does observation change the outcome of matter but individual observation changes that same matter in indivdual ways! creating individual experiences.

We don’t all think the same so we don’t all experience the same

Seems to fit…… Read the rest


What’s in it for you?

A comparison to someone who is also trying to find peace in his life.

Hopefully some new ideas or ways of looking at your own situation. Some not too lengthy thoughts.

Basically, as far as possible I’m just going to chuck stuff  at it as it they come to me… Read the rest


What’s in it for Me

To use this as a new starting point. Maybe a final one.

I hope that this recollection of my past and particularly the recent past as well as what I learn from this point  onwards will not only be useful to you the reader but to myself.… Read the rest