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Today I did a good deed.

Today I did a good deed.

I gave a lift to someone that it would have been easier to avoid. It’s no big deal I know but after dropping the person off I felt pretty good about myself.

I imagined my son, Connor, congratulating me – it’s the sort of thing he would have done without thinking.… Read the rest


Life, Love and Regret

In just 5 days my life has changed completely.

We all know Thunderbolts from the blue do happen. Six years ago I had a 15 year old son – in a matter of seconds he was gone. Our lives changed forever.… Read the rest



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

You’ve probably heard that one before. It’s an old proverb meant to encourage optimism. And it’s fine except it’s limited. There is no such thing as shitade so I’m kinda stuck!

The point of this post is just a reminder that, against the general theme of this project, we all have bad days, and we all get down.… Read the rest


How to get to sleep

It’s four in the morning. You’ve been awake since you went to the toilet at two thirty. You’re up at five thirty for work. What’s the answer?

Well, for today, it’ probably too late. You’ll probably fall into a deep sleep about a half hour before your alarm goes off and from that point on-wards the day is a struggle.… Read the rest

Double You

quick note: I had dream, Anna sneaked a bit of my pasty for herself. I was livid behaved like a spoilt brat. Accidentally-on purpose allowed kettle i was holding up so she could pass under, to drop and hit her on the head.… Read the rest

The awfulness

Of having to go to a church, to lay the wedding bouquet of his cousin on the grave of my son.

How can I find the strength not to weep?…

And yet, even as this thought came to me there was another behind it saying

“You don’t have to”


This is the voice NDW describes as God – and we all have it – if only we listen and don’t doubt… Read the rest