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I stated out with nothing.
And I have most of it left!

It’s one of my favorite T-Shirt slogans – but it’s not quite true.  I started out with everything – I was lucky enough to be born into a loving family!… Read the rest

View of  Ocean drive with a vintage car


Apologising for myself.

Chris Froome, a fellow Brit has just won the dauphine and I was rooting for the other guy. Froome is a nice,  guy, but I can’t find it in myself to root for him. Maybe it’s because he is  not a born and bred Englishman, but I don’t think so as I was hoping for an American to win!… Read the rest

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Sometimes when you’re really down go somewhere quite, alone where you won’t affect anyone else and CRY!

Cry Hard, Cry Long.

Feel no shame, man woman or child – you cried before you were told not to, nature showed you how.… Read the rest