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Your life is Just a Computer Program

You’ve probably come across that idea before – like in the Matrix.

It’s been bandied around quite a bit and even respectable scientists are jumping on the bandwagon. After all, mathematics is the only tool they can use to come up with some of the more advanced theories about matter and the universe, and computers are the matter of mathematics.Read the rest


It’s natural to think you are separate from everything and everybody. You may need to think again. Foe example, if you think your body is separate from the air around it or the seat you are sat on then you may need to look a little deeper.… Read the rest


How to in the lottery!

Have you ever asked why life seems so unfair? Why some seem to breeze through it while you seem to be constantly struggling? The ones that seem to have everything may not even be what you would call good people – does life reward people on a random basis.… Read the rest